Monday, February 10, 2014

Green Rider by Kristen Britain

My first delayed review. I endeavored to start this over a year ago. So bare with me while I sort out the best way to lay this out for you.

How did I come upon this series...actually I was drawn by the fantastic cover art of a Pegasus and thought I would see what it's contents was like. A nice satiny feeling trade paperback size. The artwork I later discovered is by a talented young woman named April Shumacher I've attached her deviantart link.

This book is a nice hefty 500 or so pages, which I seem drawn to the books that have 500 or more pages, mostly. (Not to worry I have some smaller paranormal fantasy romance reviews coming later)

Title:  Green Rider
Author: Kristen Britain
Format: Trade paperback
pages: 592
Genre: Fantasy

I purchased my copy from a local market, but I can suggest the Book Depository for your copy, they have worldwide free shipping! here a link. Green Rider @ Book Depository

This was an excellent introduction to the story of this young woman by the name of Karrigan. The narrative is done mostly from her point of view, which I really liked. I like being able to get to know a leading character, being able to identify with them and immerse yourself into their role in the story, then it becomes more like your role in the story.
It began as I slowly got to know the character, I grew to really like this story, the writing is well done, intuitive and moves forward at a steady pace. There is no lack of action or intrigue and a splash of romance. Especially good if you happen to be an animal lover as well, which I am. Also part of the reason I was drawn to the book. It doesn't start out overtly "fantasy" themed until a bit later on, when little hints of magic things start to happen, which you discover along with the main character.

The story leads into a cliffhanger toward the end and a lead into a deeper plot for the next book. I won't give spoilers as I think it's better that way.

I loved this book and highly recommend it. I don't think it has specifically an appeal to young or older readers. It's purely a wonderful book for fantasy lovers.

Rating : 8/10 

with love,  Biblio Belladonna

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