Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Love books! I love the smell of a new book, that's the first thing I do when I buy a book, I open it and press my face into it and inhale deeply. I find books just blissful, the look of them, the feel of them, the potential in them to transport you into a different world. Quite often I find myself in search of new titles to explore and go asking friends to suggest something. Surely I'm not the only one out there that does this? I like honest opinions about books, and what the reader thought of the story. So I thought, "ya know I read a bitt ton of books, I could write reviews on these books so others who might be searching for their next world to be transported to, the next book to sniff the intoxicating aroma from....could come here and see what I've thought of the books I'm reading!

So this is it. That's what this is for. I've decided to only do a few of the past books I've read and then do only books as I read them, that way it's fresh in my mind and the emotions and euphoria of a just read story is ripe to be put to my own words in review, for YOU to take a peek at and see if it might be the next addition to your bookshelf.

I hope over time to gain your trust in my reviews and hopefully you will come here first to find out about your next titles. yay!

I guess I should tell you a bit about the sort of books I read, so you know what to expect, eh?

Romance (sometimes of the racy variety)
Historical Fiction (this will be more along the lines of 14th-16th century type reads)

Beyond this I am open to suggestions, if you have seen a book and want to know what I think before you go buying it , I will do my best to get hold of it and give it a go. As long as I don;t have a que of a squintillion books to read already.

I'll add reviews in the next week or so of several titles i've read recently, to give you an idea of what i'm likely to look for in my future reads.

Untik the next chapter.....Happy Reading!

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